W-PAS: Workplace Accommodation System

Two people working in an at-home officeA woman assisting a blind man reading brailleA man controlling a standing desk

What We Know

Historically, people with disabilities haven’t had access to adequate workplace accommodations

People with disabilities struggle to get timely workplace accommodations

There is lack of equity with how accommodations are provided in the workplace

What We’ve Developed

We’ve developed a system that provides adequate and timely workplace accommodations,
called The Workplace Accommodation System (W-PAS).

What is The Workplace Accommodation System (W-PAS)?

W-PAS is a virtual accommodation hub designed to be a secure and confidential repository storing accommodation requests for staff with disabilities. W-PAS is an end-to-end workplace accommodation system meant to support the needs of the worker with a disability, while ensuring the employer has adequate information, clarity, and a streamlined method of efficiently providing workplace accommodations.

Physical Accessibility

Flexible Work Policy

Corporate Training

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