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Our Services

Magnify Access provides a suite of automated, manual, and functional testing, reviewing all aspects of our clients’ services and systems from A to Z; thoroughly checking to ensure a barrier-free experience for their customers/clients. Through our experience working with people with disabilities, we have developed significant knowledge of how users interact online, the barriers they experience, and the resources and technology that exist to support them.

AEDI Training: Accessibility and Equity Webinar Series

Our webinars are designed to help individuals and organizations develop a comprehensive understanding of accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion (AEDI) and provide practical guidance on how to implement these values in the workplace and beyond. Our team has over 35 years of experience in supporting people with accessibility needs and promoting accessibility as a norm in communities.

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A group of three people of varying ages and cultures all using smart devices


MagnifyAI offers a groundbreaking solution to combat the systemic biases inherent in AI-driven recruitment processes, with a focus on individuals with disabilities. By harnessing advanced algorithms and embracing inclusive design principles, MagnifyAI endeavours to foster a fairer job market. It achieves this by seamlessly integrating job seekers' accommodations into the recruitment process, promoting inclusivity and levelling the playing field for all candidates.

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SOS: Synchronise Our Systems

Magnify Access has developed Synchronise Our Systems (SOS) to support individuals through intentional and personalized digital online solutions and services that help elders, people with disabilities, and everyone else to safely navigate their day-to-day lives. Magnify Access works with you as well as family, friends, and support people to identify where areas of concern exist and what solutions can be implemented to support you and bring a sense of ease to your friends and family.

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A group of three people of varying ages and cultures all using smart devices

Technology Strategies

Magnify Access believes in education that is inclusive for all learners. We know the importance of equitable access to education and how challenging it can be at times for some learners, particularly learners with disabilities. As a result, we have developed Technology Strategies, a series of programming to support the assessment, training, and resource needs of learners who require accommodations. Some of the areas of focus include technology-based strategies to support reading, organization, writing, note-taking, math, and assessments.
Technology strategies can provide enhanced support for students who benefit from multiple learning styles. For example, students who benefit from simultaneously using visual and auditory processing of information. Or for students presented with challenging or complicated content to read or write. Students who may have disabilities. As well as those who may be English-language learners. Technology strategies can be used to empower students through universal design for learning principles, accessible across multiple platforms of technology and easily deployed via free or institution-provided licensing.
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Why are Technology Strategies beneficial?

Redirects energy from focusing on challenges to focusing on strengths

Closes the gap in your learning

Improves quality and quantity of content you can process while studying

Increases capacity to sustain work for longer periods

Helps develop compensatory skills in areas where you may be weak

Technology Strategies can exist across all academic areas

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BURT: The Bursary Management Tool

Magnify Access would like to introduce you to BURT, our Bursary Management Tool. BURT is an automated system that manages all aspects of the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) and Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE). BURT manages the application (log tracking, receipt submission, and funding reconciliation) and is built with user accessibility in mind:

Designed to support Assistive Technology (AT) needs/disabilities

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant

Cloud-based and accessible 24/7

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