About Us

We are a group of passionate people who understand the accessibility barriers and limitations that exist with digital content.

Our Mission

We appreciate and understand that many companies have accessibility improvement ideas, but are challenged to execute them. Our mission is to work directly with you and your team to develop solutions that transform the services you offer while improving the efficiency of your work.

Magnify Access is keenly aware of the service and technology needs of people with disabilities. With this knowledge, we provide accessibility remediation solutions that increase usability and reach to ensure your customers and employees are able to fully engage with your content.

A blind man reading braille

Our Values

At Magnify Access, we are committed to our core values. We put our words into action.




Accessible Designs

We develop compatible solutions for the diverse needs of our clients.

Streamline Processes

We improve your efficiency by developing solutions to maximize your productivity.


We are flexible, dynamic and will work with your team to understand the unique needs of the people you serve.

Integrated Supports

We connect systems and information allowing for equitable navigation.

Enhancing your digital accessibility with proven resources and technology. It’s our promise.

Two women using a computerA woman using a laptop. She has a prosthetic hand.Three people sitting around a table, some of whom have physical disabilitiesA multicultural group of 3 people posing for a photoThree people having a discussion in a professional envrionment, some of whom are physically disabledA man sitting at a table wearing headphones reading braille
A person using a braille display

Our Team Gets It

With over 35 years working in the accessible education field, we have experienced many of the same challenges you have faced with inaccessible paper-based and digital content. In response to these challenges, we seek to develop solutions with improved access and efficiency.

The Magnify Access team brings with them experience from a multitude of projects focused on increasing digital accessibility in Canada. These projects have increased support for alternative formats, electronic records, documentation transmission, accommodated test booking, institutional-wide accessibility, universal design, and inclusive adaptive technology, just to name a few.

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